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“Pareiodolia in Shapes, Colors and Meanings: Example of Čiurlionis and Kandinsk” yayımlandı

Leman Berdeli’nin yayınevimizdeki 3. kitap çalışması “Pareiodolia in Shapes, Colors and Meanings: Example of Čiurlionis and Kandinsk” yayımlandı.

Everyone might have experienced pareidolia at least once. Objects around us can create illusions based on their shapes. In this catalog, I will consider the pareidolic visions of Kandinsky and Čiurlionis. Bearing in mind that pareidolia was used by Renaissance artists who frequently depicted images that appear in objects or clouds and the widespread use of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance at the time, I chose to focus on the symmetrical and asymmetrical balance since it is through the use of both that the pareidolic effect is achieved. Pareidolia results from the appearance of the image, which is formed by a triangular angle formed by the eyes and mouth, because of the facial symmetrical balance. As seen in the systematic order of Renaissance painting and architecture, symmetry and balance were vital parts of the period’s features. Due to the harmony of the symmetrical and asymmetrical balances, the outline of the picture allows one to notice the pareidolic reflections more easily. The purpose of this work is precisely to address this perspective. By means of the painters of sound Kandinsky and Ciurlionis, it is possible for readers to catch similar details of other periods, works of art, and artists.

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