Loneliness Is Love – Erdal Çolak

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My life started in a destitute way and passing in a destitute way
I feel like a fairy tale
In a dump well, in a cave without light
I feel like a life
I want to cry until satiated
For my pain form y trouble, my love
Believe me my heart is bleeding in fires
I feel like a fairy tale
Even if water flows even if it rains even if the wind blows
Even if seasons come and go
Each passing day takes away from me
A lost and wasted path, let it always be you by my side
What is experienced is wound from friend and foe
Darkness of hopelessness in my heart
This soul will sacrifice itself between two eye brows
Beloved of my soul and its owner
My anger the wound of desperation
Sorrow the air of trouble
This departure of mine the yeast of separation
I feel like a forgotten fairy tale
Neither an extended hand nor a love that has been grown
Knife edge pains solitudes that never end
Smokes of yearning coming out of my heart
O life, I feel like an unhappy fairy tale

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